Oak Wooden Spoons

Oak Wooden Spoon01

A few months ago I got some oak logs from a friend that was milled into small boards. One of these boards with more nots looked like a good one to turn into two Oak Wooden Spoons. This wood be my first spoons and also the first time that I used my scoop chisel. I just […]

Dust Collection System

Dust Collection System01

I hade to upgrade my dust collection system in the shop. I wanted to get the fine dust out of the shop.  The collection system was move outside and needed plumbing back into the shop. All the different styles of piping was way to expensive so I decided to use drain pipe. It was a […]

Scrap Wood End Grain Cutting Board

Scrap Cutting Board 8

This Scrap Wood End Grain Cutting Board was made to clear out my scrap bucket. I always keep my little cutoff and small pieces for small turning projects. Every now and then I make a small cutting boards from the scraps. This one is made from Honey Locust ,Maple and Rhodesian Teak. It me sure […]

Japanese influenced lamp


This is my version of Steve Ramsey’s Japanese influenced lamp. Please visit Steve site and YouTube channel, he has a lot of great projects. My project was not planed but evolved into a lamp. I got some oak logs from a friend that had to get rid-off one of his oak trees. The idea was to […]

Block Plane Restore

Block Plane Restore1

I bought a few used planes on eBay a few month ago and the block plane restore was the first one to tackle. All these plane bodys and irons was very rusted and pitted when I received them. I posted an article Hand Plane Restoration on this. Stuff I used for the restoration: Wire Brush Sand […]

Recycled Pine Wood Storage Box for Storage

Storage Box1

Recycled wood, or wood you have left over from other projects, can be used for some great projects. I recently just finished  a project and had a lot of pine board left over. So I decided to make a storage box for my kids, so they can store their scooters. I will be using the […]

End-grain cutting board

Cutting Board 01

I eventually got around to making my end-grain cutting board. The idea for this one was of inspiration for the one Marc from the WoodWhisperer build a couple of years ago. Mine was made out of 4 different wood species. Some of the little parts was just off cuts that was laying around the shop from previous […]

Mixing Paddle


I made this Mixing Paddle from pine, my son ask what can you make in 30 min and this is what I come up with. I only used a band saw,cabinet scraper and sandpaper. It gave me the opportunity to let him help out and he enjoyed it very much.

Computer Table Part 4

Final Table

And after all that this is how my computer table looks. The whole process was fun to do and I’m very happy with all the additional real-estate I have. Now I can easy have my personal and work computers next to each other.

A Shop to Inspire

A Shop to Inspire – Fine Woodworking. A shop to Inspire An article from Fine Woodworking