Recycled Pine Wood Storage Box for Storage

Storage Box1

Recycled wood, or wood you have left over from other projects, can be used for some great projects. I recently just finished  a project and had a lot of pine board left over. So I decided to make a storage box for my kids, so they can store their scooters. I will be using the […]

End-grain cutting board

Cutting Board 01

I eventually got around to making my end-grain cutting board. The idea for this one was of inspiration for the one Marc from the WoodWhisperer build a couple of years ago. Mine was made out of 4 different wood species. Some of the little parts was just off cuts that was laying around the shop from previous […]

Mixing Paddle


I made this Mixing Paddle from pine, my son ask what can you make in 30 min and this is what I come up with. I only used a band saw,cabinet scraper and sandpaper. It gave me the opportunity to let him help out and he enjoyed it very much.

Computer Table Part 4

Final Table

And after all that this is how my computer table looks. The whole process was fun to do and I’m very happy with all the additional real-estate I have. Now I can easy have my personal and work computers next to each other.

Computer Table Part 3


Now that the table top is drying I can start work on the legs. The idea for the legs is simple and would hopefully look good. The joinery is simple half lap joinery and some dowels for extra strength. All the leg part will be sourced from 4×4 KD Douglas Ferr. In my area the […]

Computer Table Part 2


Now that I milled all the lumber it was time to glue up the computer table top. I normally use biscuits to help with alignment of the boards. The long grain glue up is plenty strong enough for this size table top. I’m looking to add a Festool domino in the future for tasks like […]

Computer Table Part 1


I have always had a small computer desk that I manage to fit my My Mac, Work Laptop, Neat scanner and 11 x17 Photo Scanner. This did not leave me much room for any paperwork or research books. I have looked at a couple of computer desk and some simple plans but could find anything […]

Radial Arm Saw


I was over at my local lumber yard to see if they didn’t have some Kiln Dried studs that I can use for the table I want to make. Some times they only have 16 feet long and they need to be cut in half to fit into the truck. They have a few machines depending […]

Shoe Rack


With 3 kids in he house shoes is always lying around the house, and some days they are lined with mud or sand from from the garden and sandbox. We just wanted a central spot where every one could leave there shoes and it doesn’t turn into a seek and you shall find event every […]