Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set

The Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set was on my list for the longest time and they seem to be a great clamp. They are very heavy and seem to be very sturdy. Jet has not been on the market all that long with there clamps but I relay like the bench dog feature and the fact they can stand up by them self’s. The little foot stabilizers is also something awesome. I only own 4 of these.

You Can Find it on Amazon, Please see the Amazon details below.

The Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Set has 90-degree clamping capabilities and is designed to clamp up to 1,000 pounds of pressure. The included framing blocks help you quickly create the perfect square, while the bench dogs maximize clamp stability. This clamp set comes with two 24-Inch Parallel Clamps, two 40-Inch Parallel Clamps, a Framing Block Kit, and a Bench Dog Set.

The Parallel Clamp Set
At a Glance:

  • Features 90-degree clamping capabilities
  • Clamps provide up to 1,000 pounds of pressure
  • Framing blocks create a perfect square
  • Bench dogs make clamping easy and fast
  • Slide-Glide trigger locks the jaw into place

Clamp features SumoGrip handles for comfort, bench dogs for stability, and I-beam construction for durability. View larger.

A Precision-Rule Measurement System along the rails helps provide consistently accurate results.
View larger

Jaw and Throat Deftly Handle Your Toughest Projects
Including a deeper-than-standard throat and wide jaws, this versatile parallel clamp set is designed to handle your toughest woodworking projects. The Precision-Rule Measurement System featured along the rails offers you consistent setups and an exact reading on your openings–a unique feature other clamps fail to provide.What’s more, the moveable, reversible jaws can be dual-purposed as spreaders, and the Slide-Glide trigger locks the jaws into place, allowing for smooth movement. Also, the moveable rail stand adds convenience and accuracy to both clamping and spreading operations.

Ergonomically Designed for Easy Operation
This Jet Parallel Clamp Set features ergonomic construction that’s designed to work for you–not the other way around. The clamps’ soft SumoGrip handles are comfortable to hold, and they help you get maximum torque. The clamps do not take much strength to manipulate, yet they can clamp up to 1,000 pounds of pressure. In addition, each Acme-threaded handle easily turns while applying continuous pressure.

Built for Durability and Convenience
This clamping kit is built to see you through all of your projects. Featuring a durable aluminum design, superior I-beam construction, and a fully-plated rigid backbone to prevent corrosion, the clamps are built for long-lasting use. Additionally, a non-marring composite resin covers the jaw faces to prevent wear and tear.

For ease of use, four mounting holes guarantee a permanent framing kit setup. Cross Doc framing blocks help you securely glue rectangular frames at four stable points, creating a perfect square. To top it off, the two-inch Bench Dogs help maximize clamp stability at any point, making repetitive clamping easy and fast.

What’s in the Box
Two 24-inch Parallel Clamps, two 40-inch Parallel Clamps, Framing Block Kit, and Bench Dog Set.

These clamps from Jet may well be the best on the market today, combining the best features of some of our favorite brands. Infallible 90-degree clamping set-up with 1,000 pounds of pressure takes the worry out of glue-up and gives you reliable, accurate hold every time. We love the Precision-Rule Measurement System on the rails, because you get a fast, exact read on your opening, something all clamps ought to have. Another great feature is the deeper-than-usual throat and wider jaws for more workpiece contact and versatility you won’t get with standard-style jaws. Jet’s come up with a sweet Slide-Glide Trigger that locks the jaw in place, yet with a squeeze of the trigger, moves like a dream. The sliding end stop is convenient, too, in both clamping and spreading applications. Any downsides? Only if you don’t like the substantial weight or the higher-end price, but you definitely get what you pay for. In the surprise department, we expected these burly clamps to take some strength to manipulate, but just the opposite: They’re ergonomically perfect, engineered to make the mechanism do the work for you. Jet calls this large, soft-grip handle the SUMOGRIP, and we sure do like it because you don’t have to be as strong as a sumo to put these clamps to work for you.–Kris Jensen-Van Heste

From the Manufacturer

The NEW Jet Parallel Clamp Set includes 24-inch clamps (2), 40-inch clamps (2), a set of 4 framing blocks, and a 4-pack of bench dogs. The JET Parallel Clamps have unique features not found in regular clamps. The design allows for precision and power with exact 90 degree clamping at up to 1,000 pounds of pressure, which minimizes the chances of warping and distorting the workpiece. The movable jaw can be reversed to change the clamp into a spreader, which makes the Jet Parallel clamp a multi-purpose accessory for the woodshop. The multi-faceted composition of the new JET Parallel Clamp includes the Precision-Rule Measurement System for precise, consistent set ups.

Product Description

Upgrade your workbench clamps and get the largest clamping surface in the industry! Jaw depth is 4-1/8″. Features non-marring composite resin jaw faces that provide even clamping pressure. Jaws also reverse as a spreader.Ergonomic handle has soft grip for added comfort and increased torque. With Slide-Glide trigger for fast, easy adjustments and rule measurement system for a consistent setup. Moveable end stop helps preset clamping capacity.The parallel clamp kit offered here includes two 24″ parallel clamps, two 40″ parallel clamps and one 4-pack of framing blocks, which are used to arrange 4 clamps in rectangular configuration.





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